Become A LW Partner and Develop Frontline Leadership Skills To Empower Your Organization and Contribute To Society.

Our Corporate and Educational Services are designed to offer you the tools necessary to increase your knowledge base, build proficiencies, and to develop and enhance new skills that are pivotal in assisting you in transforming your life, your community, and the world for the better.


Our Training is focused and contains everything you need for a 2-year certification. Classes can be completed onsite at your location in your training facility, off-site at a suitable site, or anywhere our mobile classroom can drive to.   This allows for flexible, convenient 24/7 access to training when and where you need it. Our team of customer service experts is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We take pride in the fact that we have been a successful provider of healthcare online certification courses for over 6 years and we believe that a lot of our sustainability and success come from superior customer service.


Continued Professional development is essential to both the worker and the organization and the overall business strategy to stay up to date on any changes or new developments within your industry.

A company that invests in continued professional development and learning is a company that invests in its future can actually increase job performance and productivity. We serve partners at every level through collaborations with new companies and talent firms to develop frontline leadership qualities.

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Approved by The Texas Department of State Health Services and Recognized by the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, LW Educational Services (formerly known as LW Pharmacy School) is a training program that trains qualified employees, instructors, and administrators.

We are recognized as a leader in providing healthcare training to a diverse range of companies and organizations. Our clients have come to depend on us for training that makes a difference.

We cater to large groups or individual students and make your experience an unforgettable one. Our customizable online courses are designed to provide what many of our clients require for their core training. Whether you are training for work or for personal reasons the goal is the same…we want you and your team to gain State recognition and National certification! 

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How to certify your employees, look no further. Learn more about why our corporate education and training program is the right choice for you.

  • LW Educational Services
Stands Out as the only training program that supports every stage of your career: pre- certification, post-graduation, and continuing education.
  • LW Educational Services
Offers online training to accommodate your company’s schedule and training preference (group or individual).
  • LW Educational Services
Provides support at every level of your training, which includes teachers and field supervisors guiding you through your journey


To assist in advancing the career path of your current employees and help them reach their goals. They, in turn, will encourage others. Which opens the door to a more promising future for our healthcare system.

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